With passion for Design

Hello, Iā€™m Lauren! I am a young designer living and working in New York City. I am a busy individual and am often asked the question about when I ever have the chance to sleep. The answer is I work it into my lifestyle like all things I'm involved in. I specialize in three major categories of the design world, Interior Design, Visual Presentation Design and Event Design. These areas are encompassed by the greater focus of spatial design. 

Additionally, I author the blog Fourth Floor Walk Up as a means of expression to document inspiration, projects and the design evolution of my home. I am greatly influenced by the city around me and enjoy documenting my journey through life in New York City.


I grew up within a household centered around decorating with the interest being past down through several generations. My grandmother, mother and I have all had the ability to see spaces for what they are and what they could become. I tend to focus on smaller spaces with modest budgets because I believe a little bit of blood, sweat and tears can make a sweeter home. For years now I have been giving advice to friends, from how to make quick fixes to redesigning their entire apartments. If you live in the New York Metro area and you would like help in making the right design choices for your home, now's the time to begin the conversation.


I work closely with luxury retailers to create  emphasis on product presentation, creative services and brand development. Specialty experience in visual merchandising, window display design and graphic design.


In addition to creating memorial displays for luxury retailers I can create memorable experiences for individuals and companies. Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and Bizbash, my designs are innovative and personal.  


I love to talk and write about design and the industry. In addition to my own blog I contribute to My work has been featured on Manhattan User's Guide, Apartment Therapy, and Country Living.