Sharing My Obsession with Podcasts

For many years I've been listening to podcasts and have always found them to be a great source of amusement, inspiration, and motivation.

Although there are the classics like This American Life, The Moth and Freakeconomics that I will always return to, I'm also always on the hunt for new and interesting podcasts. In the past month I've tallied up a list of my current favorites to share with you and I hope you all can also send over additional ideas for me. As a new business owner I'm constantly searching for podcasts from peers that help motivate me, or to gain insight into how to build my business smartly. 

To keep it short and sweet, here's the list:

Current Favorites

Garance Doré's Pardon My French

I have been a follower of Garance Doré and her blog for years. I love her illustrations, style and I was a huge fan of her street style photos when she was still doing them. Her latest endeavor is this podcast that discusses everything from fashion, style, business, art, love, girlfriends, to New York and Paris. 

Mystery Show

A fun mystery or detective type show that is slightly more light hearted than Serial is the Mystery Show, hosted by Starlee Kine from Gimlet Media. If you like miscellaneous, random mystery stories to pass the time, this is the perfect show for you to catch up on.  I'm really hoping for a second season!

Why Do We Have Things?

Rita Mehta of The American Edit and Erin Husted of Hackwith Design House interview the independent designers, artists, small business owners and creatives behind our favorite things. In just a few episodes I've discovered some extremely inspiring people. This podcast is the perfect listen for a small business owner or creative entrepreneur. 


A new podcast (only a few episodes in, but very inspiring nonetheless). Clever is a podcast about design and designers. "Designer Amy Devers and Design Milk's Jaime Derringer are having candid and revealing conversations with these super-smart people because, well, relating to the humans responsible for the objects and environments that shape our lives can result in a more meaningful connection to the built world."


Amusement + Stories

2 Dope Queens

99% Invisible

Death, Sex & Money

Here's The Thing With Alec Baldwin


Mystery Show

Myths & Legends


Stuff You Missed In History Class

The Moth

This American Life


Business + Entrepreneur Inspiration

After The Jump

From the founder of Design Sponge, Grace Bonney interviews independent artists, small business owners, and up-and-coming members of the creative community. She explores the day-to-day lives of contemporary makers to discussing the challenges they face. She also discusses how to build a business and goes into the details of how to build a social media following. This podcast has been extremely informative and inspiring for building my business. A must listen for a creative entrepreneur. 

Why Do We Have Things? 

Oh Boy for The Man Repeller


Design, Fashion + Style

American Fashion Podcast


Garancé Dore's Pardon My French

Pop Fashion

Unravel, A Fashion Podcast



The Jillian Michael's Show


Girl Talk

Call Your Girlfriend

Ladies Who Lunch

For anyone who has any interest in the mindset of millennials, specifically CA based social media and Youtube sensation, female millennials, this is the podcast. I can't say that I love this podcast, but I enjoy listening to gain a little understanding about a generation that is officially younger and more pop culturally influential than mine. It's strange that I'm no longer in my twenties and being in my 30s I don't entirely get it. Cat Valdes and Ingrid Nilsen are apparently influential in their peer group and have huge You Tube followings. I had never heard of them but was searching for women podcasts and this one came up. Anyways, they talk about dating, their bodies, gender identity and sexuality, business, etc. 

The Heatley Cliff

If anything else comes along that I enjoy or find necessary to list, I'll update this post. I ended up finding the podcast Clever while I was writing this so I'm sure it will constantly be changing. And please send me your favorite podcast suggestions!