Inspiration Hunting: NY Addition Retail Guide, Part 1

Now that I'm not permanently in New York, I don't like to take my time there for granted. Which means on the days I'm not working I make a point to get out and visit all the stores, restaurants, galleries, and museum exhibitions that I can.

During a recent visit my friend and fellow Union Adorn designer Traci (her website) and I went on an inspiration hunting day to visit (mostly new) boutiques throughout the city. There were a few that I hand't even heard of, as well as a few old standbys that I threw in for her to see. I'd love to create a few additions of these guides but this one is a good start for the time being. 


Hayward House by Lauren L Caron

A brand founded by Marin Hopper, born into a modern kind of Hollywood royalty is daughter of Dennis and Brooke Hopper. In her words, "With Hayward, I am building the first American luxury fashion brand that draws on generations of Hollywood history and glamour. My vision is to share this quintessential, evocative, sometimes surprising, often unconventional - but always dazzling - American experience with the world." 

Hayward House is located in the Grosvenor Atterbury Mansion on 131 East 70th Street, a block noted for its exceptional beauty.  A picturesque Arts-and-Crafts collage of copper oriel windows, terraces, and glass and brick additions, the mansion's unusual interiors include scrolled, linen-fold wood paneling carved with acorns and oak leaves, Tiffany glass, a hand-painted gold-stitched ceiling, Grueby tile, and a golden fireplace frenzied with fretwork.

Restored to its former glory, its storied history now includes the maiden Manhattan flagship store of the HAYWARD brand.


131 East 70th Street
New York, NY 10021

Monday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Or call for an appointment:



Apartment by the Line by Lauren L Caron

What has quickly become a brand with a cult following for such reasons seem to be that The Line intrinsically understands modern luxury and exactly what their clients expect from a shopping experience. Such values involve a more personal approach, with a distinctive point of view, that as they say, "Prizes craftsmanship, versatlity, and ease". The designers they sell are both established and emerging, for the home, fashion and beauty. What truly sets this company apart from their competition, is their concept of merchandising, where they place the products in context through inspiring editorial features, of The Stories and the immersive, intimate domestic interiors of The Apartments. The Apartment by The Line - New York, is set in the heart of SoHo, within an aspirational loft designed top to bottom, all elements and furnishings up for sale. Which the company so well describes is "A carefully considered canvas for a life well-lived." Myself like many, could easily imagine just how perfect life could be if we lived here. I mean, how chic, how unique and how inspiring!

The Apartment by The Line – New York
76 Greene Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10012


Tuesday - Saturday: 11 AM to 6 PM

Sunday: 12 PM to 5 PM

+1 917 460 7196


M. Crow

M. Crow by Lauren L Caron

Tyler Hays is a builder, painter, sculptor and furniture designer who founded BDDW in the late 90's. He grew up in a very rural part of Oregon where his grandparents owned a general store called M. Crow & Company. Obviously fond of his childhood and life experiences in 2012 he purchased the store to prevent it's closure. With the general store still open, he has also opened a New York showroom located in SoHo that he describes as: "An awkward collision of all my hobbies and interests and an outlet for fulfilling that childhood fantasy." 

Wondering through the many rooms certainly is an experience of discovery. From fashion to interiors, there are so many odds and ends that are meticulously tied together through care and passion. A store where I can easily say is unique in both character and product assortment. 


16 Howard Street. New York, NY 10013

MONDAY-FRI: 11am - 7pm SATURDAY - SUNDAY: 12pm - 6pm

Ph: 212.625.1797

Dover Street Market is what I can only describe as the modern day version of a luxury department store. A vertical shopping experience with a clear glass elevator that takes you from floor to floor where only 2 - 3 labels are showcased on each level. The displays are thoughtful and interesting. They showcase and carry the most fashion forward collections and lines from both emerging and A-List designers. The entire experience is just that, an experience. 

New York
160 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Monday to Saturday


Tel : +1 646 837 7750
Fax : +1 646 837 7752
Email :

Additional Stops

Rachel Comey


De Vera

Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey has a huge following for her beautiful clothes and awesome shoes. Her store in Soho is every bit as easy and modern, as her designs, yet is still exhibits a sense of warmth and energy.

95 Crosby Street

New York, NY 10012

Mon - Sat - 7:30, Sun 12 - 6

Tel 212 334 0455


Maiyet is a classic French brand, with some covetable handbags. Their Soho store is extremely beautiful and worth a visit. The smoked glass mirrors along the southern wall is stunning. 

16 Crosby Street

Between Grand & Howard

New York, NY 10013

Mon - Sat - 11 - 7

Sun - 12 - 6

Tel 212 343 9999

De Vera

I will eternally love the De Vera stores. Federick De Vera has such impeccable taste. He has built a collection of the most impressive objects that range from ancient, museum worthy to curious contemporary oddities. He brings his discerning eye to the displays and store design. Definitely worth a look. 

1 Crosby Street

New York, NY 10013

Tue - Sat - 11 - 7

212 625 0838

As a final note, if you have anything to add or additional suggestions I'd love to hear them!

All photographs were taken by: Lauren L Caron © 2016