Editing and Styling My Family's Library

My mother has great taste and a real sense of style. She is undoubtedly where I get my decorating and interiors gene. But she is also a collector, and not the best editor. Which is where my skills come into play...


In March I flew out for my monthly east coast visit and decided to fly into Boston to spend a few days with my parents before my mother went into surgery for her knee. We decided I could spend a few days with them organizing and going through old things to help them clean up a bit before she's going to be bed ridden for several weeks. We also have plans to photograph my parents' house, I'm shooting for September, however everything takes time and living in Seattle makes plans a little more challenging to execute. With these intentions set in place, I am hoping to accomplish one room at a time, each visit in order to make things so much easier when I have to do the final clean sweep for the photoshoot.

If you follow along you may have caught where we reworked their library. I always loved this space but since she changed some of the furniture pieces in this room and more recently acquired a new sofa, something wasn't really working. She had moved a rug out a few months ago but currently didn't have one that was the right scale nor did she really know what she could bring into this room to coordinate with her new deep navy velvet Baker sofa that she purchased at a consignment shop. 

The “BEFORE” image of the new sofa with the room before it was styled.

The “BEFORE” image of the new sofa with the room before it was styled.

I decided the first thing to do was to shop the house and find a rug that would fit this room, along with some other elements that would tie the deep navy into this space a little better. I also went through and edited all the small pieces of furniture and pillows that were just accumulating in this room. 

The result was quite exciting, especially considering it took less than two hours to complete!