Lauren is a creative consultant currently splitting her time between New York and Seattle, with a focus on creative presentation that spans across the areas of concept development, visual merchandising and creative services, prop styling, advanced production and construction of large scale installations, team and project management. Lauren is recognized as being an innovative, enthusiastic individual with distinguished taste. 

In 2014 she co-founded the design collective Union Adorn, a studio driven to create compelling experiences through interiors, creative services for retailers, and private events. 

Additionally, Lauren records her personal endeavors and interests through blogs. Her current project A Layered Life, is used as a means of expression to document inspiration, the design evolution of her personal spaces, travel and experiences. 



Union Adorn is a creative collective founded in December of 2014. After years of working with a number of highly skilled and talented artisans and designers, founding partners Lauren Caron and Corrin Acome defined the initiative to bring together this network and marry these vast skill sets into one full service design studio. As a result, the designs of Union Adorn possess a strong skill set that envelopes many areas of design. They seek to create compelling presentations and engaging environments for both brands and personal clients.  

As the principal designer at Union Adorn, Lauren focuses her intent on designing interiors for residential and commercial clients, creative services and brand strategy, concept design, and styling for special projects.

For more information and a look at the portfolio, visit the Union Adorn site here.




A Layered Lift is a new blog project by Lauren that explores the next chapter, as she transitions to a bicoastal lifestyle. Building a new life and home in Seattle, Lauren plans to document her everything, from the design of their home, the new surrounding of the Pacific Northwest and beyond, to the best vintage haunts. All the elements that create a layered life. 

Please follow along the journey here.




Fourth Floor Walk Up started when Lauren moved into a 425 sq ft rental on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The intent was to journal the design progression of their once very small home. In 2011 she, her husband, and their dog Rita moved to a 675 square foot apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. This apartment also happened to be on the fourth floor. Starting with a virtually a blank canvas, they transformed the space into what has been called a vintage treasure trove. In addition to their home, Lauren documented life in Brooklyn, New York, and beyond. 

No longer relevant, she has decided to bring this project to a close and to began the next, in the form of another blog, A Layered Life. 

You can still read all the archives of Fourth Floor Walk Up here.


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